Festival Videos 2011


In 2011 The lads at LiveTrad.com returned to Sligo Live. LiveTrad.com is a website dedicated to the drug test viagra live web streaming of traditional Irish music sessions, concerts and generic cialis festival events online. Below is some highlights from their Sligo Live Recordings. For more Irish Traditional Music from festivals and cheap viagra online sessions around the viagra cost country visit LiveTrad.com.


Séamus Begley and real viagra superb guitarist Tim Edey play the first set of tunes at their Sligo Live concert


My Lady Hunsdon's Gaillard' and 'The Rakes of Kildare', courtesy of Séamus Begley and Tim Edey,

from their performance at Sligo Live on Oct 28th 2011


Playing a bunch of jigs, the mighty duo are in full flow by this stage.

Séamus and how long does cialis take to work Tim regularly bring out the best in each other, as we can see from

this concert at Sligo Live. Webcast live on Oct 28th 2011 on the LiveTrad.com



A lovely hornpipe called 'Across the Fence', written by Brendan McGlinchey

and performed during a LiveTrad.com webcast by fiddle player Maurice Lennon.

This set of tunes begins with 'The Road to Garrison', a reel composed by fiddle player

Maurice Lennon, who is joined here by his brother Brian on flute, and Tim Edey on guitar.

This is followed by 'The Humours of Tulla.'