King Kong Company

Festival club | Riverside hotel
11pm | Sat. 29th October 2016 | Doors 10 pm | €10 in advance | €12 on door

Tickets will be available on our website,
Later this week !

Prick up yer ears! With a new debut album  and a ‘hape’ of festival gigs throughout the summer King Kong Company are on a roll at present.Critics have been raving about King Kong Company  for years! The seven piece sound more like a DJ than a band.
Their newly released self-titled album includes 10 tracks that have been killing it at their recent gigs. Made with long time Prodigy producer and collaborator, Neil McLellan. It’s the kind of album that sounds equally at home in a club, at a party or in a field. Knowing what this band are like, that’s probably the kind of club, party or field they would want to be invited to! After all that, don’t miss KING KONG COMPANY in Sligo Live Festival Club on Saturday 30th Oct.

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